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Flexibility, Reliability, Transparency

A “finclusive” approach for your funding needs

About Us

Flexible Funding is a privately funded boutique lender providing bespoke “asset backed” short-term funding solutions.

Flexible Funding is at the forefront of developing funding solutions in genuine partnership with the companies that need financial support to enable their projects to be implemented. Our approach is to ensure all the stakeholders impacted by projects benefit – whether that be those delivering the project or those surrounding communities and partners involved.

One specialist sector we are developing strong relationships within is sustainable business projects. We are proud to be a Founding Partner of Oxfordshire GreenTech and play a key role in EP:50 Energy Pathfinders 50. Flexible Funding also leads two Special Interest Groups within Oxfordshire Greentech Access to Finance and Better Built Environments.

Start a Conversation

Our focus is to give you a stress-free, fast and flexible lending and borrowing experience. Our objective is always to work with you throughout your project and support you through to final delivery and completion. Collaboration and ongoing support to our clients is a unique strength that we are committed to in every funding project. When you start a conversation with us  you will be speaking directly with a decision maker who will consider and evaluate your individual needs and tailor a solution specifically for your needs and those of your business. We work primarily with businesses requiring funding in the Oxfordshire to Cambridgeshire Arc although we are often approached to fund projects across many regions and often consider new business enquiries from across the UK.

The Flexible Funding model is to integrate financial expertise and experience with profitable purpose. We call this “Finclusivity” – all parties involved benefit and collaborate for the good of the project, the people involved and the wider communities that are positively impacted.

Start a conversation, share your plans, explore whether we can work together….

Our specialist services include –

Bridging Finance

Residential Investment and Commercial Property Finance

Property Auction Finance

Development and Refurbishment Funding

As well as borrowers direct we welcome enquiries from brokers, advisers, property investors and other professionals.

Please start a conversation with us as we will always be happy to discuss your requirements and whether we can help you, and your business move forward to the next stage or to complete a key project.

The Flexible Advantage offers you flexibility, reliability and transparency.


Please visit our services page for additional information. We are flexible in our approach so please contact us for a more detailed analysis specifically applied to your project and requirements.


Important Information.

Flexible Funding Ltd does not provide consumer credit or regulated mortgages and is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.